Bullers Rings

(Heat Work Measurement / Temperature Control Ring / Ferro Ring / Temp check / Bullers Ring)

Bullers Rings allow the manufacturer to understand the effect that variations in temperature, rate of firing, loading of the car and length of soaking time have on the product, and what action is required to prevent costly production problems occurring on future firings.

In simple layman’s terms – If you are cooking rice in the water on a stove, the stove indicator will give you a temperature reading. But the manufacturer will not know if all the rice is entirely cooked until you test/squeeze them. By using Bullers Rings over a couple of cycles, the manufacturer will know if all the rice grains are prepared as it has measured the heat work rather than the temperature.

Description Product Code Temperature Range Temperature Chart
Very Low TR 89 / 05 750°C – 1000°C Download
Low TR 55 / 84 960°C – 1100°C Download
Standard TR 27 / 84 960°C – 1250°C Download
Extended TR 75 / 84 960°C – 1320°C Download
High TR 73 / 84 1280°C – 1420°C Download

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Industries Served

  • Sanitaryware
  • Tableware
  • Insulators
  • Heavy Clay
  • Kiln & Furnace

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