Lightweight Insulation Material

The weight of the car is directly proportional to fuel usage, is a well-known fact to all-ceramic manufacturers. It’s because this takes significantly more time and energy to heat the vehicle every time during the firing cycle. The use of Ultralite allows the car to have significantly reduced weight. On top of that, it has exceptional insulating properties compared to ceramic fibre, Vermiculate, and perlite.

The lightweight and unique heat absorbing properties make Ultralite an ideal product for use in the kiln car base. It’s different compared to other insulating materials. The thermal efficiency of Ultralite insulate remains consistent over several years, and docs do not degrade over its lifetime.

Case Study

Ultralite Case Study – Anchor Sanitaryware Download Sheet
Ultralite Case Study – Diamond Crucible (Morganite Crucible) Download Sheet
Ultralite Case Study – Shivshakti Ceramic Download Sheet
Ultralite Case Study – Shree Nilkanth Ceramic Download Sheet
Ultralite Case Study – Sonam Ceramic Download Sheet

Industries Served

  • Sanitaryware
  • Tableware
  • Insulators
  • Heavy Clay
  • Kiln & Furnace

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