Sponges for Ceramics

(Sponge / Ceramic Sponge / Foot Wiping Belt / Glazing Belt / Ceramic Tools)

Interkiln specialises in providing surface finishing products to the ceramic industry. Interkiln has worked with the sector to develop high-quality surface finishing, which allows the client to maximise the use of quality products. It is well known in the industry that lousy quality can have a significant impact on glazing, finishing operation leading to pinholes of lower quality material. Rejection is the most prominent reason to use high-quality material.

We specialise in supplying the world’s best product for surface finishing operations. Being ceramic engineers ourselves, we understand the value of the right product and the need for such a product. The ceramic processes like modelling, moulding, casting, drying, glazing, etc. all of them require exceptional tools and tackle. We provide specialised (bespoke/customised) consumable sponges for all-ceramic related industries.

Machine Sponge

Casting Sponge

Glazing Sponges

Sponge Sticks

Flock Belts

Sponge Rubber Belts

Brushes and Tools

Industries Served

  • Sanitaryware
  • Tableware
  • Insulators
  • Heavy Clay
  • Kiln & Furnace

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